Membership Perks

  • Off-leash, indoor 8,100 sq ft. play area with many large skylights for natural sunlight.
  • Pet-friendly floors made of recycled material and are non-absorbent, anti-skid and provides a cushion for older dogs and humans with joint pain.
  • Free self-service dog wash. We provide a professional grooming tub; local, organic soap and clean towels (No time? We will wash your dog! See our dog wash page)
  • Select play areas for small dogs and older dogs
  • ADA accessible play area for dogs and humans
  • Free human amenities such as coffee, free broadband Wi-Fi, big screen TVs ( Direct TV) in our lounge area while your dog plays with friends
  • Free socialization. Leading experts have shown socialization helps not only the pet to be better trained and reduces anxiety, but socialization with pets can also help humans with a variety of ailments. There is a reason why dog is man’s best friend! (1,2)
  • Free social groups for you and your dog (e.g. kennel or breed clubs)
  • Free educational talks by local, behavioral specialists scheduled on a regular basis
  • Discounts on doggy daycare, boarding, and supplies**

Come. Join the Wagg'n Nation

 With a monthly Wagg'n Nation Membership, you can bring one dog to the facility during open hours and enjoy the amenities listed above* With the Family Membership, you may bring up to three dogs belonging to the same home.

  • Includes a free self-service bath for each dog covered by your membership (we provide shampoo & conditioner)
  • Includes discounts on regularly priced items (e.g. daycare,
    supplies, etc.) **

Membership packagesCost per month
Wagg'n Nation Membership (1 dog)$65/month
Wagg'n Family Membership (up to 3 dogs)$92/month

Dog park day-passes & Pack playdates

1. Howell, T. J., King, T., & Bennett, P. C. (2015). Puppy parties and beyond: the role of early age socialization practices on adult dog behavior. Veterinary Medicine: Research & Reports, 6.
2. McCune, S., Kruger, K. A., Griffin, J. A., Esposito, L., Freund, L. S., Hurley, K. J., & Bures, R. (2014). Evolution of research into the mutual benefits of human–animal interaction. Animal Frontiers, 4(3), 49-58.


Come. Play for the day

With a one-day pass, you can bring one dog to the facility and enjoy playing during hours of operation*. With a family day-pass, you can bring up to three dogs belonging to the same home and experience the features listed above. Humans of the family are free.

Pack Playdates

We know there are times when a group of friends or a kennel/breed clubs want to get together and have fun in a space that is dog-friendly. We offer a flat rate for playdates or club meetings. This package includes the following:

  • We can section off a play area just for your pack, or you may have access to the full park.
  • Self-service baths may be purchased by each individual owner
  • We can accommodate weekly, scheduled play sessions for your pack
  • Please contact us for details and to schedule your next playdate!

Day-passesMemberMilitary/First Responder
Hourly park pass per dogIncluded$7/hour$8/hour

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* If paying for a membership or day-pass, owners are required stay on-site with dog(s). Any owners who leave their dogs unattended and not registered for daycare or boarding will be charged appropriate rates plus a $50 fee for additional handling.

** Discounts and coupons cannot be combined

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