Sit. Yes, we do!

 Doggy daycare is one of our specialties. We love to play with your dog when you are not able to do so. Our staff, Paw Patrol, engages and plays with your dog at no extra charge. Daycare services include the following:

  • Options of hourly, one-day, multi-day packages, half-day or full-day
  • Friendly, clean, comfortable, temperature-controlled facility
  • Our Paw Patrol engages with your dogs during their stay so they are stimulated, learning new skills and socializing with their playmates and other humans
  • Free webcams to check on your pup. Can be viewed on a desktop or mobile device.

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Daycare: Our Paw Patrol takes care of your dog while you work, shop or treat yourself to the many adventures Missoula has to offer!

First Responder
Only need a short time away? Hourly daycare rates per dog$7$8
Hourly - Two dogs$11$12
Half-day for a single dog (0-7 hours)$26$28
Half-day for a two dogs (0-7 hours)
Full-Day for a single dog (7-14 hours)
Full-Day for two dogs (7-14 hours)

Pre-pay packaged discounts

10 full-days for a single dog ($145 savings)
Includes one-month free
membership ($65 savings)

  $340 $340
10 full-days for two dogs ($132 savings)
Includes one-month free membership ($92 savings)

Daycare Services

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Missoula Shopping trip? 

Allow your dog to enjoy their day in Missoula, too. Leave them in daycare with us while you shop, get a massage or enjoy an evening out. You won't be worrying or hurrying during your day on the town.  Add-on our Rubber-duck dog washand your pet will be clean when you return! 

Sniff Around!

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