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7602 DeSmet Road, Missoula MT 59808

W. Express Way & DeSmet Road

Phone:     406.543.0021

FAX:            406.258.0776

E-mail:      membership@waggn.org

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We, Rachele and Jason, are native Montana's and University of Montana graduates. Advanced degrees took us outside of Montana as did our careers in business. We have been avid travelers, and  Montana always beckoned us home, as did our parents. Gladly returning to Missoula a few years ago, we have been rejoining the community as trusted leaders, advocates, and pet parents to Olive. 

Wagg'n was born one summer evening while camping when we asked ourselves, "what are we going to do with Olive once it starts to snow"?
We love playing with Olive and the smoke in the summer, and the snow in the winter make it difficult to interact with her outside, and she dislikes being inside. Even though the local doggy day care facilities are excellent and take dogs on hikes, for us, we wanted to be with our pet during these activities in addition to having an option without a waiting list when we do need to use doggy daycare. Missoula has grown in the last several years, and there is high demand for pet services. We desire to join a community of other pet lovers for fun, support, care, and education. You are welcome to contact us for more information.

Born: 10/20/14

Adopted/Rescued: 11/23/14

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