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Add-on services


Self-service bath: You bath your dog in our specialized, professional dog wash area 

** Included for free to members

Rubber-duck service: We will do the dirty work of a bath for you



Medication administration  $6
House food $7
Chuck-Wagg'n Party! Call for pricing and options.


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Add-on Services

Wagg’n Dog Wash: You are able to make the mess in our room instead of your bathroom. We’ve been there! Our dog wash has the following features:

  • Professional grooming bathing tub with easy-access ramp for large or disabled dogs.
  • Tub features two-piece, removable floor grate, can be adjusted to higher and lower levels to accommodate both large and small breeds.
  • Door is easy to open and securely locks closed that features watertight seals to keep water in and from leaking out.
  • Locally made, hypo-allergenic, organic shampoo
  • Towels for drying your pet. Air dryers can be too intense for your dog’s hearing and skin so we encourage a towel and air dry. (1)

The well-being of your dog is important to us, and we’ve experienced how much time and energy it takes to care for your dog at home. An occasional bath is critical to your pet’s overall health. A bath can reduce skin irritations, infections, and hot spots. Please let us know how we can help you with any of our add-on services.

Medication administration:
Yes, we can administer the medications your dog requires. Please discuss with us at drop-off.

Feeding: We believe the fewer changes that are made for the dog, the happier they will be while away from home. We encourage you to bring their dog food, bed and/or favorite toy. If needed, we can provide food to your dog. We use
Kirkland’s Nature’s Domain in beef and chicken flavor from Costco. This brand comes highly recommended by our vet. 

Chuck-Waggon! There is always something to celebrate so why not celebrate with all members of the family. Regardless of who we are celebrating, we will ensure it's a special event:
10 of your closest fur friends and their humans are given a single-day pass

  • Private area for party (doggy birthday, human birthday, holiday, etc.)
  • Special, locally made dog treats
  • Special, locally made human treats (e.g. local bakery birthday cake)
  • Party hats and favors for all
  • If desired, special play activities for dogs and humans
    Contact us to schedule and arrange the details